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S2 Ep9: Courage is Contagious with Annette Whittenberger

Justine has an enlightening conversation about having the courage to tell your story with author, Life Experience Coach, and podcast host Annette Whittenberger. This e...

S2 Ep8: The Power of Identity with Jordan Reeves

Kicking off our "Post-Traumatic Growth Series" is a conversation between Justine and Jordan Reeves about the Power of Identity.

S2 Ep7: Chronically Capable with Hannah Olson

Justine has a powerful discussion with the founder of Chronically Capable, Hannah Olson. This is episode 3 of our "Shattering Stigmas" series.

S2 Ep6: Sexy Sobriety with Rebecca Weller

The second episode of our "Shattering Stigmas" series features author and coach Rebecca Weller.

S2 Ep5: Pouring into Community with Marla Bautista

In the first episode of our "Shattering Stigmas" series, Justine has a POWERFUL conversation with Marla Bautista, founder of The Bautista Project.

S2 Ep4 - Activism Through Artistry with Brittney Chantele

In the final episode of our "Overcome and Create" series, Justine interviews musical artist and activist, Brittney Chantele. Take a listen as they discuss overcoming t...

S2 Ep3: Creativity Through Change with Nate Rivera

Our guest Nate Rivera talks with Justine about resiliency and creativity through constant change. This is episode 3 of our "Overcome and Create" series.

S2 Ep2: Masculine & Feminine Energy with TJ Typinski

Justine and TJ continue their conversation, this time talking through the balance of masculine and feminine energy in episode 2 of season 2 and our "Overcome and Creat...

S2 Ep1: The Law of Attraction with TJ Typinski

Justine talks the Law of Attraction with TJ Typinski to kick off the first episode of season two AND our "Overcome and Create" series.

Ep 20: The Season Finale

The last episode of our first season.

Ep 19: Accessibility and Things to Come

Justine shares the release of the transcripts for our episode and plans for the podcast in 2021.

Ep 18: Soul Conversations with Sarah Hassel

Justine and Sarah Hassel discuss healing from traumas that we don't even realize are traumas and the power of having conversations with your soul.

Ep 17: Face Everything And Rise with Lisa McCardle

Justine talks with Lisa McCardle about FEAR, authenticity, and becoming a fully realized version of yourself. This is another amazing addition to our "Recovery and Hea...

Ep 16: The Gratitude Episode

Justine and Jessica individually share their gratitude for this podcast and how it has impacted each of their lives.

Ep 15: Celebrating 9 Years of Sobriety with E'Beth Goad

E'Beth Goad returns as a guest to share something powerful on our platform. She is celebrating 9 years of sobriety as a recovering alcoholic.

Ep 14: Showing Up Differently for Yourself with Nicole Smith

Justine Evirs and Nicole Smith talk candidly about the power of showing up differently for yourself in the process of healing. This episode is the fifth in our "Recove...

Ep 13: BONUS EPISODE Raw Emotions Post Election

Join us and our Founder & Host, Justine Evirs talks directly to you personally. In this episode, she shares her raw emotions and the full picture of why she starte...

Ep 12: Intentional Awareness with Maralis Self

Justine and Maralis Self talk about authenticity, healing, and the power of intention in the second episode of our "Recovery and Healing" series.

Ep 11: The Holistic Approach to Healing with Krystal Ross

Justine interviews Krystal Ross in the first episode of our "Recovery and Health" series.

Ep 10: BONUS EPISODE - Dangerously Debt Free

A bonus episode to celebrate the birthday and book release of the Protecting Courage Podcast producer, Jessica Gisele.

Ep 09: Recap - "Something From Nothing" Series

Justine and Jessica recap the "Something From Nothing" series together, discussing what they learned and how each guest from the series impacted their lives.

Ep 08: Cut from the Same Cloth with Dr. Robb Kelly

Justine interviews Dr. Robb Kelly in the third and final installment of our "Something From Nothing" series.

Ep 07: #MixedPeopleSuperPowers with Kyle McCollough

Justine interviews Kyle McCollough in the second episode of our "Something From Nothing" series.

Ep 06: The Picture of Courage with Vanessa Hicks

Justine interviews photographer Vanessa Hicks in the first episode of our "Something from Nothing" series.

Ep 05: Sense of Belonging w/ Josh Evirs Pt. 2

In this episode, our host Justine Evirs is joined by her husband, Josh Evirs again. They continue the conversation around breaking While Solidatory, unconscious bias, ...

Ep 04: Language Matters w/ Nikki James Zellner

In this episode, our host, Justine Evirs talks to Nikki James Zellner and they dive deep into the power of words and how we as humans must step out from behind the com...

Ep 03: Black Lives DO Matter w/ E'Beth Goad

In this episode, E'Beth shares a very real and raw moment in her life just days after the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, with our host, Justine Evirs. Her brav...

Ep 02: Breaking White Solidarity w/ Joshua Evirs

In this episode, Justine is joined by her husband of 16 years, Joshua Evirs, for a conversation around how he has spent his entire life breaking down white solidarity ...

Ep 01: Reluctant Activism w/ Jessica Tabbert

In this episode, our host Justine Evirs has a real and very honest conversation with our guest, Jessica Tabbert. They discuss how Jessica is finding the courage to ste...

Protecting Courage

This is Protecting Courage; a show about real people finding the courage to defy the odds in tiny moments of time.

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