Ep 09: Recap - "Something From Nothing" Series

Justine and Jessica recap the "Something From Nothing" series together, discussing what they learned and how each guest from the series impacted their lives.

Justine and Jessica listen to and discuss snippets of the episodes featuring Vanessa Hicks, Kyle McCollough, and Dr. Robb Kelly for the "Something From Nothing" Series. They also talk briefly about Jessica's new book, "Dangerously Debt Free."

Episode Transcript

1. Ep 06: The Picture of Courage with Vanessa Hicks
2. Vanessa Hicks Facebook Page
3. Vanessa Hicks Instagram Page 
4. Vanessa Hicks Photography Website

4. Ep 07: #MixedPeopleSuperPowers with Kyle McCollough
5. Kyle's Instagram
6. Kyle's TikTok

7. Ep 08: Cut from the Same Cloth with Dr. Robb Kelly
8. Dr. Robb's Website - Robb Kelly Recovery Group

9.  You can find Justine's "How to Build an Anti Racist Work Environment" Workbook in our FB community. She will send it directly to you if you ask for it.
10. Blog Post - "Making Something out of Nothing" by Justine Evirs

11. Episode Produced J. Gisele - Dangerously Debt Free is available for preorder at this link.
12. Music by Isaiah Sule (J. Gisele's son!) 

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