Ep 06: The Picture of Courage with Vanessa Hicks

Justine interviews photographer Vanessa Hicks in the first episode of our "Something from Nothing" series.

In the first episode of our "Something from Nothing" series, Justine interviews photographer Vanessa Hicks. Vanessa gets super real about the environment of her upbringing, her successes and failures as an entrepreneur, and what it takes to continue thriving when you encounter life's obstacles. You hear the authenticity of their friendship, experience the transparency of our guest, and you get some life tips from two badasses who happen to be best friends.

Episode Transcript

Here are the resources mentioned in this episode:

1. Vanessa Hicks Facebook Page

2. Vanessa Hicks Instagram Page 

3. Recommended book - Superfans by Pat Flynn

4. Our New Private Protecting Courage Podcast Community- After you like our FB Page you can join our group with the top right button you will find available on our page. You can also message us on the FB page if you run into any problems.

5. Justine's blog- A Desperate Message of Unity

6.  You can find Justine's "How to Build an Anti Racist Work Environment" Workbook in our FB community. She will send it directly to you if you ask for it.

7. Episode Produced by Justine Evirs and Jessica Gisele 

8. Music by Isaiah Sule (J. Gisele's son!) 

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